Unique Services Offered

One stop comprehensive HIV Care and treatment center: JCRC was one of the first facilities to start offering comprehensive HIV care and treatment in sub Saharan Africa. Because of this, it has accumulated extensive experience in managing patients with HIV. It currently has a viral load suppression rate of 96% with a retention of close to 90% and having over 13,000 clients in care.

Apheresis Unit: JCRC is the only facility in the country and one of the very few in the region with the capacity to perform apheresis procedures. The directorate has modern state of the art equipment that can accurately perform apheretic exchanges (red blood cell and plasma) as well as blood cell and plasma collections.

Wellness Clinic: JCRC is among the very few centers in the country that offers a wellness program for its clients. It has specially trained clinicians and nutritionists as well as a well-equipped wellness clinic. It also offers a comprehensive range of wellness packages tailored to the needs of its clients.