Psychosocial and Counselling Unit

The psychosocial department offers a wide range of services. These include pre and post HIV test counselling, Pre ART counselling as well as adherence counselling. Another core function is assisted partner notifications in which clients are assisted to notify their partners of their positive HIV status. The counselors also recruit and consent participants for all the various studies conducted in the adult and pediatric outpatient clinics. One key feature that is emphasized is the holistic approach when working with clients. The psychosocial department currently has eleven counsellors with four stationed in the pediatric clinic, four in the adult outpatient clinic and three are specifically attached to particular studies. The counsellors work both at the facility and also participate in community outreach activities. The counsellors work with peer supporters who are “expert clients” that provide health talks in the patient waiting areas, assist in adherence counselling, calling of clients who may have missed their appointments or who have high viral loads and participating in community outreach activities.