Pediatric Outpatient Clinic

The pediatric clinic serves children living with HIV and AIDS. Because of aggressive strategies in prevention and treatment in the adult management of HIV, there has been a decline in the children born with the disease. About 60 children are served in the clinic per day. In addition to treatment, other services offered in the clinic include psychosocial support that include disclosure of status, adherence and relationships. There is also nutritional counselling for young mothers and there is a special clinic for monitoring infants born to HIV Positive mothers (EID Clinic) where mothers are advised on breast-feeding and receive other nutritional counselling and infants are periodically tested for HIV up to when they are 2 years. The clinic also offers orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) services focusing referrals and linkages for OVC care. The pediatric clinic is also heavily involved in conducting research on HIV care, sickle cell disease and in cardiology (focusing on rheumatic heart disease).