Training and Capacity Building

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The JCRC training programs are tailored for individual and institutional needs, focusing on improving skills in clinical care, laboratory and research particularly in the area of HIV/TB. These programs are offered for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, in partnership with international and local collaborators / partners. More training opportunities do exist for University students on placement/internship.

Previous Training Opportunities

Besides scientific research and patient care, JCRC is a capacity-building institution, which aims at training all cadres of health care workers in HIV/TB care. Currently, JCRC has developed quality training tools and approaches and an innovative support supervision system that is linked to the Uganda Ministry of Health guidelines.

In collaboration with the University of Wisconsin, Infectious Disease Institute (IDI), Baylor College in Uganda, Case Western Reserve University, and MSH, JCRC provides clinical case-based training on management of TB/HIV co-infection to Ugandan health workers. With support from the University of Wisconsin Center for Global Health, JCRC offers an internationally certified continuing medical education program and clinical coaching for all its health workers.

The various training programs that previously conducted at JCRC include the International Clinical Operational and Health Services Research (COHRE) training programs, The AIDS Care Research in Africa (ACRiA), The African dialog on HIV AIDS (ADAC), The Center for Social Science Research on AIDS (CeSSRA), The Forgarty International Centre (FIC) International Research Scholars (ICRS) and Fellows (ICRF) program, The International Extramural Associates Research Development Award (IEARDA), The WHO Knowledge Hub capacity building program as well as several other regional training programs.

You can find details about these programs in the document attached below: