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  • August 16, 2017

This directorate is headed by Mr. Benson Ouma. It has the following departments. Haematology, Virology, Chemistry, Microbiology, Processing & Storage, TBRU, CFAR, Immunology 1, Immunology 2, ACTG LDMS, Phlebotomy, Bio-Repository, De-ionized Water Production Unit, and Incineration Unit.

Core Functions.

  • CBC/Diff, Coagulation Assays, Blood parasitology and Blood Transfusion Medicine
  • HIV & HCV Viral Load testing, SARS-COV2 PCR, HIV DNA PCR, PBMC Isolation, RARA
  • Immuno-Assays, LFTs, RFTs & Lipid Profiles
  • Urinalysis, Serology, Urine Cultures, Stool analysis, hCG, Body Fluids analysis, Blood Cultures, Respiratory Specimen analysis
  • General specimen processing, storage, shipment & referral
  • GeneXpert, AFB smear Microscopy, TB cultures, 1st & 2nd Line TB drug susceptibility testing
  • HIV Drug Resistence Testing
  • Specimen Processing, Storage & Shipment, TB Cultures & ELISA
  • HIV Rapids & CD4 Testing
  • Processing, Storage, shipment and Referral of ACTG active protocol samples
  • Specimen collection, processing & transportation
  • Specimen storage and Retrieval
  • De-ionised water production & packaging
  • Incineration of biomedical waste
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