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Ameria Natukunda

Manager HR & Development

Ameria Natukunda is part of Departmental Heads Team

About Human Resource & Develoment Department

The Human Resource Department’s Strategic Direction is to deliver quality services through transformation of HR processes and cultivating a motivated, engaged and Professional work force for continuous performance improvement.

As the custodian of the most important resource in the organisation “human resources”, we are committed to ensure that employees are adequately empowered to undertake their work.

This shall be achieved by;

  • Developing, monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of the JCRC Human Resource Management Policies and Procedures;
  • Instituting frameworks and benchmarks for Human Capital Development,
  • Setting up and implementing systems for recruiting,
  • Managing and retaining staff with the right competencies for jobs in line with JCRC talent Management guidelines,
  • Developing and implementing training and development functions for JCRC staff in line with JCRC vision and mission,
  • Developing a robust system for setting performance targets and monitoring performance of JCRC staff in line with JCRC policies and procedures,
  • Developing and implementing a compensation and benefits management programme for JCRC staff in line with the JCRC policies and procedures.