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Boaz Wakabi

Head Procrurement
Boaz Wakabi

Boaz Wakabi is part of Departmental Heads Team

About Procurement Department

The Procurement and Disposal Unit of the Joint Clinical Research Centre has played a pivotal role in ensuring that JCRC has an efficient and economic procurement since its inception.

Procurement has remained a very central role in the organization and it accounts to over 30% of the overall expenses of the organization and hence,the need to have value for money procurements in a bid to remain accountable and competitive.


  • Having in place a fully approved procurement manual fully approved by the board
  • Having a prequalified list of service provider¬† for FY2015-2017
  • Adherence to procurement procedures according to the PPDA Act.
  • Improved filling system in place for all procurements.
  • Reduced turn Around Time in all the procurement processes
  • Training of all stakeholders in procurement procedures.