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Annet Namara

AG Head Stores
Annet Namara

Annet Namara is part of Departmental Heads Team

The stores department at JCRC has a process and a space within, to receive the incoming inventory items and fixed assets (Receiving Bay), keep them for as long as they are not required for use (Custody) and then move them out of stores for use (issue).

The objective is to efficiently and economically provide the right materials at the time when it is required and in the condition in which it is required.

The basic responsibility of the stores is to act as custodian and controlling agent for Supplies and materials, and to provide service to users of those goods.
The main activities are receipt of incoming goods, inspection of all receipts, storage and preservation, identification of all materials stored, materials handling, packaging ,issue and dispatch, maintenance of stock records, stores accounting, inventory control and stock-taking.

The stores department is divided in to five sections Drugs, Clinical, Laboratory, Stationary and Estates. The department comprises five staff the Stores Manager, Stores Officer, Stores Keeper and Stores Assistants.

Achievements (2014)

  • In June 2014 the store successfully carried out stock taking for the 2013/14 financial year.
  • Stores received 2 additional computers which eased stock management in regards to stock reconciliation and data management.
  • The stores has improved its records, each stock item has stock/bin cards updated as and when receipt and issue are done.
  • Monthly stock reconciliations are regularly done.
  • Stores staff have protective gear.