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Godfrey Kuboi

Chief Programmer
Godfrey Kuboi

Godfrey Kuboi is part of Departmental Heads Team

JCRC‘s activities have expanded rapidly with over 6 regional sites all over the country and well over 364 staff countrywide. The expansion of these activities has also led to increase in resources that have to be managed and utilized both efficiently and effectively. To achieve this goal, ICT department is on the verge of implementing various systems that will efficiently and effectively manage the data and information for accurate and quick decision making. These systems among others include the Integrated Clinical Enterprise Application (ICEA) that will be used for the management of clinical data, Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that will be used for management of laboratory data and Navision Dynamics 2013R that will be used for financial management.  These three systems will be integrated to enable efficient flow of information and avoid data duplication.  In addition, ICT has developed an in-house application system that manages collaborative research data between JCRC and Malawi.

The department has adopted best practices and standards by ensuring the safety of the organization strategic information management systems through the implementation of secured ICT infrastructure environment and Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions.  Accurate and friendly information generation for quick decision making is the way to go and this motivates the department to implement Decision Supports Systems in the future.