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JCRC continues to conduct her research and publications in HIV vaccines, ART, opportunistic infections, public health and social behaviors. These inform best practices and develop cost effective interventions that will shape national and international policies and guidelines, a number a publications have been published out of JCRC core activities.

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Title Category Issue # Publication Year
Anthropometric Measurements And Lipid Profiles to Detect Early Lipodystrophy in Antiretroviral Therapy Experienced HIV-infected Children in The CHAPAS-3-Trial Scientific 2013
Predicting patterns of long-term CD4 reconstitution in HIV-infected children starting antiretroviral therapy in sub-Saharan Africa: a cohort-based modelling study Scientific 10 2013
Does the CHER trial open up new therapeutic perspectives Scientific 9 904 2013
Bacteremia, causative agents and antimicrobial sensitivity among HIV-infected children in Uganda and Zimbabwe Scientific 8 2013
Short communication: high rates of thymidine analogue mutations and dual-class resistance among HIV-infected Ugandan children failing first-line antiretroviral therapy Scientific 9 2013
Pre-treatment HIV-1 drug resistance in Africa Scientific 6 2013
JCRC Drug Resistance Working Group. Treatment failure and drug resistance is more frequent in HIV-1 subtype D versus subtype A-infected Ugandans over a 10-year study period Scientific 12 2013
Averted HIV infections due to expanded antiretroviral treatment eligibility offsets risk of transmitted drug resistance: a modeling study Scientific 1 2013
Clinical differences between younger and older adults with HIV/AIDS starting antiretroviral therapy in Uganda and Zimbabwe: a secondary analysis of the DART trial Scientific 10 2013
Prospective Cohort Study of the Impact of Antiretroviral Therapy on Employment Outcomes Among HIV Clients in Uganda. AIDS Patient Care STDS Scientific 12 2013