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JCRC continues to conduct her research and publications in HIV vaccines, ART, opportunistic infections, public health and social behaviors. These inform best practices and develop cost effective interventions that will shape national and international policies and guidelines, a number a publications have been published out of JCRC core activities.

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Title Category Issue # Publication Year
High level of viral suppression and low switch rate to second-line antiretroviral therapy among HIV-infected adult patients followed over five years: retrospective analysis of the DART trial Scientific 3 2014
Phenotypic and genotypic analyses to guide selection of reverse transcriptase inhibitors in second-line HIV therapy following extended virological failure in Uganda Scientific 7 2014
Anthropometric measurements and lipid profiles to detect early lipodystrophy in antiretroviral therapy experienced HIV-infected children in the CHAPAS-3 trial Scientific 3 2014
Elucidating emergence and transmission of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in treatment experienced patients by whole genome sequencing Scientific 12 2013
Tuberculosis Research Unit and the Tuberculosis Trials Consortium. Mycobacterium tuberculosis Specific CD8(+) T Cells Rapidly Decline with Antituberculosis Treatment Scientific 12 2013
Analysis of Recent Serotype O Foot-and-Mouth Disease Viruses from Livestock in Kenya: Evidence of Four Independently Evolving Lineages Scientific 2013
Genetic diversity of serotype A foot-and-mouth disease viruses in Kenya from 1964 to 2013; implications for control strategies in eastern Africa Scientific 2013
Comparison of time to positive and colony counting in an early bactericidal activity study of anti-tuberculosis treatmen Scientific 11 2013
Dynamic logistic regression model and population attributable fraction to investigate the association between adherence, missed visits and mortality: a study of HIV-infected adults surviving the first year of ART Scientific 1 2013
Incidence and risk factors for first line anti retroviral treatment failure among Ugandan children attending an urban HIV clinic Scientific 2013