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JCRC continues to conduct her research and publications in HIV vaccines, ART, opportunistic infections, public health and social behaviors. These inform best practices and develop cost effective interventions that will shape national and international policies and guidelines, a number a publications have been published out of JCRC core activities.

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Title Category Issue # Publication Year
Poor immunological recovery among severely immunosuppressed antiretroviral therapy-naïve Ugandans Scientific 2013
High Prevalence of tuberculosis infection among medical students in Makerere University, Kampala: results of a cross sectional study Scientific 2013
A Pragmatic Approach to HIV-1 Drug Resistance Determination in Resource-Limited Settings using a Novel RT-only Genotyping Assay Scientific 2013
Development and evaluation of an affordable real-time qualitative assay for determining HIV-1 virological failure in plasma and dried blood spots Scientific 2013
Routine versus clinically driven laboratory monitoring and first-line antiretroviral therapy strategies in African children with HIV (ARROW): a 5-year open-label randomised factorial trial Scientific 9 875 2013
High rates of thymidine analogue mutations and dual-class resistance among HIV-infected Ugandan children failing first-line antiretroviral therapy Scientific 2013
Determinants of Clinician Knowledge on Aging and HIV/AIDS: A Survey of Practitioners and Policy Makers in Kampala District, Uganda Scientific 2 2013
A Single CD4 Test with 250 Cells/Mm(3) Threshold Predicts Viral Suppression in HIV-Infected Adults Failing First-Line Therapy by Clinical Criteria Scientific 2 2013
HIV-1 drug resistance in antiretroviral-naive patients in sub-Saharan Africa Scientific 3 2013
Antiretroviral Drug Resistance Profiles and Response to Second-Line Therapy Among HIV Type 1-Infected Ugandan Children Scientific 3 2013