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Rate and Amplification of Drug Resistance among Previously-Treated Patients with Tuberculosis in Kampala, Uganda

2008 : Year of Publishing
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Temple, B., I. Ayakaka, S. Ogwang, H. Nabanjja, S. Kayes, S. Nakubulwa, W. Worodria, J. Levin, M. Joloba, A. Okwera, K. D. Eisenach, R. McNerney, A. M. Elliott, P. G. Smith, R. D. Mugerwa, J. J. Ellner, and E. C. Jones-Lopez
Publication Volume Number: 
Volume # : 47
Publication Issue Number: 
Issue # : 9
Journal Name: 
Clin Infect Dis
Publication Pages: 
1126 - 34