2016 PEPFAR Hero Awards : Florence Kintu Honored

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Kintu Florence (Middle), Head of Nursing Sr. Masiira (Left) recieving her award from the US ambassador, Deborah R. Malac

2016 PEPFAR Hero Awards

Florence Kintu – The filing Clerk at Joint Clinical Research Centre (JCRC)

Florence Kintu, is one of the unsung heroes at JCRC, working with USAID Targeted HIV/AIDS and Laboratory Services (THALAS) project as a filing clerk. JCRC has one of the busiest clinics around Wakiso district, with over 13,000 patients enrolled on ART. Florence started working with JCRC in February 2002, when she was recruited as a cleaner.

Due to her commitment and exemplary service, she was promoted to become a messenger/filing clerk. Since then she has served the Lubowa clinic with enthusiasm and dedication. She loves her job, and always has a smile when serving clients. She is always the first person to arrive at the clinic, every morning, at about 6.30 am. Her main duties include registering patients and entering data in the computer. She was trained on how to do data entry, a job she has done very well. Using the upgraded patient care database, Florence supports the clinic to identify where the patients need to go, either to see the nurse, psycho-social support, drug pickup, laboratory, or to see the doctor for consultation.

Before installing the electronic system, she used to work over the weekends to clear backlog. Florence used to face challenges, as the patient information management system was manual. She used to retrieve files from the filing cabinet, arrange files according patient numbers, and year of enrolment. She would spend a lot of time sorting the files. There was a lot of paper work, and bulky patient files. Florence would be seen pushing a wheeler with bulky patient files being taken to the data room for data entry and back to the clinic for filing. With USAID support, JCRC transitioned to an electronic system, Integrated Clinical Enterprise Application (ICEA).

Florence is passionate, and very committed to her work, and loves patients. She always reports to work by 6:45 am, and she is one of the last people to leave every day. On a busy day, the Lubowa clinic registers over 250 patients per day, and Florence registers each patient in the database.

Florence Kintu, at her work station, at JCRC Lubowa clinic

Her duties include filing patients’ laboratory results as soon as they are received from the laboratory. In addition to registering and triaging patients at the clinic reception, sometimes she puts in extra hours and works on weekends and public holidays, to ensure proper filing and making sure all laboratory results are properly filed, and all patient files are put in the respective filing cabinets. For some of the patients who are too ill to walk, Florence is always there to extend a hand to them.

She ensures a wheel chair is available to transport the clients from the parking lot to the doctor’s room.