Flow Cytometry, HIV testing, special testing lab

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Laboratory Services at JCRCThis lab runs the CD4/CD8/CD3/45 lymphocytes subsets using two BD FACSCaliburs. Immunophenotyping is also available for many flow panels that include: CD31, CD45, CD38, HLA-DR, CD4, and the intracellular marker Ki76. HIV testing is conducted using the Determine HIV 1/2 and HIV SAV 1/2 antibody test on serum. Bio-Rad’s HIV-1 ELISA is used as the confirmatory test. Western Blot is also carried out.

The Lab is in the process of switching the remaining kits to those that are FDA approved, and has begun the validation process for Multispot HIV1/HIV2. Other special testing includes quantitative cytokine ELISAs (e.g. IL-6, IL-7, CRP, TNF-a, sCD14) in plasma.