Executive Director’s Message

Dr. Cissy Kityo Mutuluuza

On Behalf of the Board, Senior Management, staff, and volunteers of the JCRC, I extend my sincere gratitude to all those that have supported us to be able to serve our communities and clients. It has been an exciting 29 year journey with notable achievements even during the past challenging times of the recent COVID19 epidemic.

Over the years, JCRC has continued to focus and direct all its plans and efforts to be built around the core strategic areas of Research, Clinical Services, Laboratory Services and Training that are critical for institutional strengthening and has made substantial contribution to the national Health systems. JCRC has cumulatively served over 100,000 clients, both in HIV /TB and other disease across the country. We continue to stand out and to be a renowned centre of excellence in both Medical Research and Care and treatment in Uganda and across the globe.

The JCRC has contributed to many medical research discussions that have led to development of National and International policies at WHO and also its work with many different collaborators has led to drug formulations and dosages.

We thank all our donors and research collaborators who have supported us over the years to ensure we deliver on our strategic plan- PEPFAR/USAID, European &Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP), Centre for Disease Control (CDC), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Gilead Sciences, Karolinska Institute-Sweden, Johnson and Johnson, JANSSEN Foundation, Novartis pharmaceuticals; Universities, ViiV Healthcare and PENTA foundation among others.

I also take this opportunity to thank all our staff and all volunteers who continue to dedicate themselves to serve above and beyond. This success is yours! It is ours! We have been consistent in our journey, and we have kept our promise to deliver excellence /high-quality health service to our clients.

We shall continue to challenge ourselves and partners to continue in the race of providing quality and excellent sustainable healthcare to Ugandans,

We look forward to another great year for our stakeholders.

Dr. Cissy Kityo