This department is headed by Dr. Muyanja Daniel. It comprises the following departments. Private Clinic, Dental, Cardiology, Radiology and X-Ray, Adult Out Patient Department, Children Out Patient Department, Inpatient Department/Ward, Pharmacy, and Counseling Department.

Core Funcitons

Its core functions are.

  • Offer private clinical services
  • Offers Dental Services
  • Offers cardiology services
  • Offers radiology and X-Ray services
  • Offers outpatient services to adults 
  • Offers outpatient services to children
  • Offers admission services
  • Dispensing drugs
  • Providing Psychosocial support

List Of Clinical Units In The Directorate At The Lubowa Campus:

  1. Pharmacy Department
  2. Adult Outpatient Clinic
  3. Pediatric Outpatient Clinic
  4. Private Clinic
  5. Radiology Unit
  6. Cardiology Unit
  7. Dental Clinic
  8. Apheresis Unit
  9. Ward
  10. Psychosocial and Counselling Unit
  11. Tuberculosis Unit