Ward & Advanced Care

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Advanced HIV care is a major part of HIV services offered at JCRC.  These include managing toxicities, managing patients with complex conditions, treatment failure and patients who get opportunistic infections, e.g. Tuberculosis, Cryptococcal Meningitis, etc.

Many of these patients who need advanced care have received basic HIV care, as out-patients, but get different complications and therefore, need intensive care.

This involves hospitalisation, here at JCRC, and referral to other specialised care centres, such as the Cancer Institute, Renal Dialysis centres and many others. Hospitalisation is available for both adults and children.  Some of these patients may not need hospitalisation but will continue receiving advanced care as outpatients to facilitate their quick recovery and get better.

We have an in-patient ward with a 25 bed capacity.

This includes a 2-bed High dependency Unit.  This will improve on our critical care that some of these patients need before they are stabilised.

We have very experienced doctors, both in clinical work and research, and the nurses are an fundamental part of the multi-disciplinary team of good quality and excellence healthcare service providers; they are key contributors to the management, health and well being of our patients in care.