TB Care Services

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JCRC TB Clinic Patient FLOE Chart

All patients who attend the clinic at JCRC get access to different entry points; that is the children’s /pediatric clinic, adult clinic, private clinic, and some of these are study patients.

All these patients are screened for TB /HIV. We use Gen-Xpert test that has a high sensitivity and all those who turn positive PBC (that is pulmonary bacteriological confirmed) are called back immediately to start on treatment, a second sputum sample is saved for microscopy.

Some patients may still have the signs and symptoms but with a negative sputum sample, other investigations are done like a chest X-ray, Ultra sound scan and biopsy for those with different presentation.

Most of the patients who develop TB have challenges with adherence to ART and others who tested HIV positive and took long to start treatment, show up with full blown HIV/TB stage iv disease.

Patients who are diagnosed with PBC, we go ahead and do contact tracing in these families and especially in the children who are below age of 15 years, because they are always difficult to diagnose.

Since most times these patents are infectious, all the care is done under one roof , that is the  continuous counseling on good adherence, picking ARV’S, keeping appointments and nutrition support-RUTAFA (ready to use therapeutic foods).

The very sick patients are admitted to JCRC ward and some may be referred to hospitals of their choice, and others may be referred to different specialists depending on the diagnosis.

Patients who have been diagnosed with MDR (Multi-drug resistance) are handled as an emergency and transferred to Mulago hospital MDR ward.