JCRC Cardiac Lab

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A patient undergoing echocardiography at JCRCRheumatic Heart Disease (RHD) Programme is run in conjunction with the Uganda Heart Institute (UHI), Case Western Reserve University, USA and JCRC. The aim is to bridge the treatment gap for RHD in Sub Saharan Africa. Interventions include secondary Penicllin prophylaxis focusing on adherence, regular clinical monitoring and management of associated complications and regular follow up echocardiography studies to monitor disease progress.

Established under the Medtronic foundation for the care of patients with Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD) it has expanded to participate in other protocols and also supplement care for patients attending JCRC who need echocardiography and EKG studies.

Capability that has been obtained includes

  • A Phillips CX50 Ultrasound scan machine with EGC capability, Adult echocardiography probe Linear probe for vascular studies.
  • A Sciller AT 102 ECG machine
  • Physician trained in limited echocardiography for research purposes
  • Nurses trained to perform ECG studies
  • A large volume HIV clinic with an aging population that is at risk of Cardiovascular disease and other NCDs